Simple and Direct

To continue serving as a trusted partner and leader to the Medical Device Industry, providing comprehensive and highly engineered plastics and material solutions, which enable health restoring therapies for the benefit of patients globally.

Moreover, at Apollo Medical Extrusion, one of the Spectrum Plastic Group’s principal core values is Team.

Not only does it speak to how we collectively as a company get things done at the office or on the plant floor while at one of the Spectrum Plastic Group locations.  But it also highlights how we perceive our relationship with you, the customer. We want you to feel part of our Team, and trust you do the same, that you can consider us a part of yours.  We call it One Spectrum, where we have a one-team way of doing things as we align our minds and efforts around whichever common objectives or projects are at hand.  Whenever you bring your engineering challenges and product needs to us, looking for a specialty plastics solution, consider yourself a teammate, and Team Up with the Spectrum Plastics Group.  And for advanced extrusion, there is no better teammate than our Apollo extrusion technology.

Team up with our Vision.  Team up with the new face of medical plastics.